Pricing at a Glance

Owner Member

As an Owner Member, you receive a traditional co-op membership that allows you to use our products and services while participating in annual dividends. 

Storelocal is an investment, a partnership and an advocate for independent self-storage operators. Owner Shares must be purchased to participate in profit/patronage dividends.

Shares are bracketed into tiers based on the number of stores in an owner's portfolio. Patronage dividends can be secured only by purchasing Owner Shares. Acquiring Owner Shares requires a one-time purchase, refundable upon leaving the co-op, as well as a one-year commitment to paying membership dues.

With a two-year commitment, Owner Share financing is available.

Monthly membership dues are locked in for one year, and we are always working on lowering their cost.

We understand that every dollar you spend needs to help your business succeed, which is why we strive to operate with transparency and collaboration.

Owner Share Pricing

Stores Shares Investment
1 - 3 3 $3,000
4 - 10 7 $7,000
11 - 20 15 $15,000
21 - 40 30 $30,000
41 - 60 50 $50,000
61 - 80 70 $70,000
81 - 100 90 $90,000
101 - 200 100 $100,000


Monthly Subscription Tiers

40+ $59.95
31-40 $69.95
21-30 $84.95
11-20 $99.95
4-10 $114.95
1-3 $129.95

Founding Member

As a Founding Member, you'll own a portion of Storelocal products and services, and be eligible for participation in the governance of the co-op. Please contact us at (949)629-4142 or info@storelocal to learn more about this level of membership.

Operator Member

As an Operator Member, you can enjoy our most flexible membership option. This month-to-month tier allows you to use Storelocal products and services without committing to a contract.