About the Video

You’re an independent self storage operator. You chose a market where people need storage, built an awesome facility and hired the best customer service team in town. Now you’re open for business and you’re ready to stake your claim in this multi-billion dollar industry. 

But here come the publicly-traded self storage companies. They’re bigger than you, they’ve got more buying power than you and they’ve got brand awareness. As a little guy up against these giants, it just doesn’t feel like a fair fight. 

Don’t wave the white flag yet. The Storelocal co-op evens the playing field by allowing independent self storage operators to band together. This increases your competitive advantage, gets you exclusive deals on vendors, lowers operational costs and partners you with self storage industry thought leaders. 

Storelocal is a co-op, which means we’re owned by our members. And our members are independent self storage operators just like you. As individuals, we may be small, but together we make up 85 percent of the self storage industry. Think about how powerful that 85 percent can be and you’ll realize that you’re not the minority, you’re actually part of the majority. So maybe that matchup against the big, publicly traded self storage companies is a fair fight after all—but only if you’re part of a team.

The Storelocal co-op gives you buying power, marketing solutions, brand services plus in-house technology development. Need help with local SEO? Want automated access control, lower credit card processing rates, legal advice or maybe just a snazzy new sign for your office? We can help with all of that and more. The co-op was created by people in the self storage industry, for people in the self storage industry, so we speak your language, we understand your challenges and we can’t wait to celebrate your success. 

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