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7 Halloween Storage Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Brand

The storage industry tends to see a short break in the fall. While summer and the winter holidays tend to be busier, Halloween can still be a great opportunity to boost some traffic and sales. Don’t worry—you won’t need the eye of a newt or the toe of a frog for some Halloween storage marketing magic.

7 Halloween Storage Marketing Ideas

Take a look at these seven ideas for marketing your storage business during the Halloween season to gain awareness and earn new customers. 

Decorate Your Storage Facility 

Decorating your business is a great way to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Consider creating an Instagram-worthy display that makes for the perfect backdrop for a pumpkin spice latte or Halloween costume. Even a few pumpkins and fall leaves can go a long way.

halloween decoration pumpkin light

Create a Trick-or-Treat Event 

Hosting a trick-or-treat event at your facility is a great way to get the community involved. Encourage renters to offer candy outside of their units for trick-or-treaters, or offer a candy bowl at your front desk.

Trunk-or-treat events have also been increasingly popular since COVID-19. Decorate the trunks of your cars in your parking lot and pass out candy to the community to draw attention to your business.

Additionally, you can contact your local news station to share the event. Many morning shows include a “Happening Today” segment where they share events happening in the local community.

trick or treating

Host a Costume or Decor Swap

Halloween costumes are expensive and can be even more so for families with multiple children. Many families also recycle Halloween decorations on a yearly basis to save money.

A Halloween swap event can be a great way to engage with your community and give them a chance to try something new, whether it be a hand-me-down costume that’s still as good as new or changing up their decorations. Some people may already use your units for their Halloween storage, so this is a great opportunity to re-engage with them and show off your facility to new prospective customers.

Get Spooky on Social Media 

Seasonal social media posts are always a great way to market your business and stay at the forefront of your consumer’s minds. A combination of informational and educational content plus fun, entertaining posts about Halloween can keep your online community engaged and interested in your marketing efforts. This can include:

  • Sharing blog posts featuring Halloween costume storage and seasonal decor storage tips
  • Information about any Halloween storage specials or events you may be running
  • Fun Halloween graphics—don’t be afraid to share memes and puns, especially if you can tie them back to your brand! 

Highlight Seasonal Decor Storage

If you sell self-storage retail products, any holiday is a great opportunity to brand yourself as the place to go for seasonal storage. You can set up a display with pumpkins, black cats, ghosts, or witch’s brooms or hats to advertise Halloween storage containers. Orange and black Halloween storage bins can get customers into the spooky spirit and are perfect for storing seasonal decor outside of autumn.

Advertise Halloween Costume Storage

People living in a house may have adequate closet space to store their Halloween costumes. But closet space can be a luxury in apartments and condominiums. Advertise Halloween costume storage with local apartment complexes to attract customers who need some extra space and who don’t want to sacrifice some of their favorite costumes.

halloween costumes on coat hangers
Target Local, Seasonal Businesses

Plenty of local businesses work on a seasonal basis. Landscapers, for example, tend to go on hiatus in the winter months or offer different service types like snow blowing instead of yard work. As the temperatures drop, local businesses can stay ahead and get their unit ready for loading in equipment before the winter rush.

Make Storage Less Spooky

Ready for more treats and fewer tricks this Halloween season? Marketing yourself as the Halloween Storage Headquarters for your community is all about promoting to the right audiences and knowing what they need to make the season a little less spooky. 

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