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Platinum Storage Group and the Power of the Storelocal Brand

When your self storage business succeeds, we all succeed! Recently, Platinum Storage Group, which operates a national portfolio of self storage facilities under the Storelocal brand, was featured in the Inside Self Storage article Aspiring to Excellence: Self-Storage Facility Design. Learn more about their facilities, the Storelocal Brand Program, and hear from Renee Tulve, Platinum's Marketing Manager.

California’s “Bay Area Beauty”

Platinum Storage Group, owned by Skip Elefante, has a portfolio of more than 30 properties utilizing the Storelocal brand. The company’s latest endeavor in Oakland, California, just recently completed construction. This new Storelocal-branded facility was created to capitalize on demographic shifts within the Bay Area. 

The facility, described by Inside Self Storage as a “bay area beauty,” is located just minutes from the Oakland Coliseum and Oakland International Airport. The four-story building was designed by Valli Architectural Group, and is comprised of 112,000 rentable square feet which make up approximately 1,100 units. Jump to their page in the Inside Self Storage slideshow here.


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Using the Storelocal Brand

Storelocal was founded in 2014 to solve the challenges many independent self storage owners face, especially with the rise of the REITs. Along with providing member benefits through economies of scale, Storelocal also allows members to use its branding – while staying completely independent – through the voluntary Storelocal Brand Program.


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Using the Storelocal Brand gives independents online visibility and recognition, and enables independent owners to focus on what really matters: converting leads to rentals, running the business, and finding the next deal.

It starts with The tenant-focused website brings all branded properties together on one website and builds the domain authority Google requires so independent owners are consistently visible online. One, two, even ten stores can’t do that, but together, by the scores and hundreds, can. 


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The Storelocal Brand Program: “Ops in a Box”

We like to call the Storelocal Brand Program “Operations in a Box.” So what’s inside?

  • Listing on the consumer website,
  • Digital marketing
  • Hummingbird property management software
  • Tenant Protection (an excellent stream of revenue because 70% of each protection plan sold is retained by the store as profit)
  • Storelocal messaging
  • Merchant processing @ interchange + .05% + $.05, representing significant savings
  • Supplier portal on our brand member website
  • Best practices for facility operations manual
  • Training and support
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Tenant interface
  • Digital signage
  • Citation and reputation management
  • Storelocal trademark, brand standards, and much more

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Basically, we took a page from the REITs’ playbook: We created our own eco-system by building our infrastructure and brand, enabling owners to retain their assets, increase their profit, and maintain their independence. The Storelocal Brand gives owners the online visibility and buying power of a REIT while remaining 100% independent.

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