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12 Great Self Storage Resources (Blogs, Books, Podcasts, and More!)

When it comes to the self storage industry, you may have a lot of questions. Of course, finding answers can be elusive. And even after you’ve been in business for a while, continuous learning never hurts. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of 12 resources you can use to increase success in your journey. From self storage blogs to self storage books, self storage podcasts to self storage publications, we’ve got them all!

12 Self Storage Resources To Check Out

Constant and consistent self-development can help you navigate the new and shifting tides of the self-storage industry. By expanding your skillset to react to opportunities while avoiding common pitfalls, you can find even more success! Here are 12 resources that can keep you at the top of your game (or get you there).

Self Storage Income: Podcast, Videos, Articles

With more than 30,000 monthly downloads, Self Storage Income is considered the industry’s most popular podcast. Host AJ Osbourne created the podcast with one goal: To help people reach financial freedom through self-storage. Episodes air weekly, so you can always get your self-storage podcast fix! 

Self Storage Income episodes often feature interviews with industry experts discussing strategy, implementation, wealth-building principles, and how to get started on your journey of growing a self-storage empire. Recent episodes include “Will It Crash? The Coming Bubble in Self Storage” and “Starting and Growing a Successful Self Storage Business.” 

Not a podcast person? The website also features videos, articles, tools, and resources. There’s something for everyone here! 

The Investors Guide to Growing Wealth in Self Storage: Book

AJ Osbourne, the host of Self Storage Income, has written the book on investing within the industry – literally! The Investors Guide to Growing Wealth in Self Storage highlights how investors must not think of self storage simply as a real estate asset but as a consumer-oriented retail business. 

In his step-by-step playbook, you will discover how to identify investment opportunities, allocate capital, and leverage management expertise to turn a mom-and-pop real estate asset into a thriving income-producing business. 

3 Mile Domination: Podcast

Named for the “3-mile radius of demand for a storage facility,” the 3 Mile Domination podcast has been airing since 2014. The goal of the podcast is to introduce self storage owner/operators to unique ways of creating dominance in the highly competitive self storage industry. Episodes focus on increasing the value of your current customers,  creating and tracking marketing campaigns, using cost-efficient technologies, and holding partners, vendors, and clients accountable for implementing strategies. 

Host Jim Ross says on his website, “Playtime is over. The idea that you can develop and build a self storage facility, throw a person behind a desk, and expect to reach stabilization in 24 months is a pipe dream that expired years ago. It’s time to get serious and fight back. It’s time to place a three mile radius around your facility and say ‘This is mine.’” 

3 Mile Playbook: Multimedia and Courses

Want more Jim Ross? He’s put together a “3 Mile Playbook” designed to help you succeed! Although it will cost you, this package can be money well spent! You’ll receive the following:

  • Guide To Self Storage Automation: Learn from owners and operators
  • ​3 Mile Storage Management Book & Course: Steps for self storage success
  • Virtual Summits: Presentations by experts in the industry including the popular “Beat the REITS” summit.
  • Google Business Profile Course: How to control your 3-mile market and get free leads
  • ​Manager Elite Audio Sessions: 16 sales and marketing training sessions

Janus International Group: Blog

Janus is the leading global provider of self-storage and commercial industrial doors, relocatable storage units, facility automation solutions, and door replacement and self-storage restoration services. They’re also responsible for creating the Nokē® smart entry system, an electronic smart lock that fits on the outside of individual self-storage unit doors (we work with them, and have highlighted them in our blog 10 Benefits of Upgrading to the Nokē® Smart Entry System).

The Janus blog covers all sorts of pressing topics, with recent posts including “7 Money-Saving Benefits for Using Smart Entry at Your Self-Storage Facility," “Why Raising Rental Rates is So Important to Your Self-Storage Business,” and “Sick of Self-Storage Break-Ins? Learn These Tips for Preventing Crime.”

Hacking Self Storage: Podcast

This is the UK's first self storage podcast, and there is a lot to learn no matter where in the world you’re located. Host, keynote speaker, and multi-site self-storage owner Dean Booty interviews some of the world's leading self-storage experts to help you improve your business. 

In addition, he’ll take you on weekly “tours” of his numerous self-storage facilities to show you what has been working and what hasn't worked. These in-depth looks explore everything from the cost to acquire a customer to new revenue streams.

Self Storage Association: Multi-Media & Courses

The mission of the Self Storage Association (SSA) is to be the world's premier not-for-profit trade organization representing the best interests of the self storage industry. The Association provides informational and educational resources to its membership, the general public, and the news media. 

The site features many self storage blogs and informative articles, with recent stories ranging from “Why Customer Service Isn’t Enough Anymore” to “How Minimum Wage Increases Impact the Self Storage Industry.” But that’s not all.

The SSA also offers SSA Online University, featuring multimedia online education and live monthly webcasts, along with their SSA Managers Certification Program, an intensive course for self storage professionals to attain the SSA Certified Self Storage Manager (CSSM©) designation. Lastly, the SSA also hosts many self storage events which you can read more about on their website.

Inside Self Storage: Blog & Community

For nearly 30 years, Inside Self-Storage (ISS) has provided solutions to the challenges facility owners, operators, managers, investors, and developers face in a competitive environment. ISS provides regular blog posts on current topics, a monthly magazine, and hosts the ISS World Expo, the industry’s largest conference and tradeshow.

But wait, there’s more! ISS also features Self-Storage Talk, an interactive online platform that self-storage owner/operators use to reach out to the community, finding solutions and helping others with questions. You can check out Self-Storage Talk here.

Mini Storage Messenger: Magazines, Articles, Blogs, and More

Dubbed the “education destination for self storage,” Mini Storage Messenger (MSM) has been the leading provider of educational information and analytic tools for the self-storage industry for years. Along with feature articles and blogs, MSM produces a variety of industry-specific resources including magazines, self storage books, and other educational products.

Reddit Self Storage: Online Community

It’s great to hear from thought leaders in the self-storage industry. However, it can also be helpful to hear from potential customers. If you want some insight into what your self storage tenants need and want, we recommend looking at Reddit's self storage threads. 

Here, tenants, potential tenants, and the occasional self storage owner/operator ask and answer questions. It can be very eye-opening and may inspire you to make changes or improvements to your business in order to earn customers’ business!

Storage Talk: Blog

This community site provides advice on anything and everything self storage. While much of the content is geared toward users (you’ll find blogs on “Tips and Tricks About Moving, Packing, and Storing”), much like Reddit, there is still a lot of valuable information here for self storage owners. It’s basically like listening in on a conversation between renters! Who knows, you may gain some insight that you can use to improve your facility and attract new customers.

Storelocal: Blog & Membership

Last but not least…! We’d be remiss not to include ourselves. Aside from our blog, offering valuable tips on self storage location, marketing, expansion, architecture, and more, you’re also welcome to become a member or seek consulting or branding opportunities.

The Storelocal co-op is designed to level the playing field so that independent self storage owners can effectively compete with REITs. We do this by banding together with other independent self-storage operators, which allows us to get exclusive deals on vendors which helps you lower operational costs and align with self-storage industry thought leaders through various self storage events. Interested in learning more about the cooperative or need some self storage ideas? Join Storelocal now.