Storelocal Team Jan 25, 2022 10:37:06 AM 3 min read

Storelocal is Moving to Central Billing! Benefits For Members and Partners

At Storelocal, we’re always looking for ways to improve our services, both to our members and our partners. One new change we’re implementing is moving from direct billing to central billing. This offers benefits to both members and partners which we’ll dive right into!

What is Storelocal Central Billing?

Whether you’re a Storelocal member who’s paid for partner services, or a partner who’s provided services to a Storelocal member, you know how direct billing works: Partners charge members directly when services are rendered. Now, to better serve everyone, we are moving to centralized billing! As we move away from direct bill payment, Storelocal will take on a lot of the accounts receivable and payable. Partners will invoice us for all member services/purchases, and we’ll invoice our individual members. Then, Storelocal will pay the partners with one transaction covering all the smaller, individual partner transactions. It’s a win/win for everyone. 

Central Billing Benefits to Partners

With central billing, Storelocal partners can still offer products and services on an individual level to Storelocal members. However, instead of having to collect money from each individual client, they will simply collect payment from Storelocal. Through this process, credit risk is removed from the partner. We will be sure you’re paid what you’re owed, and on time. No more worrying about sending multiple, separate payments to Storelocal partners, helping save time and money by eliminating redundancies and increasing efficiencies.

Central Billing Benefits to Members

Whether you’re managing multiple locations or using multiple provider services, you no longer have to have facilities handling a variety of invoices. Instead, you make your payment to Storelocal, and our centralized accounting staff handles the rest for you. Centralized billing doesn’t just make things easier, it can also save you money. Acting as a centralized billing hub, Storelocal bills partners for all products and services for all members. Since this reduces their admin costs, we can acquire discounts that we pass on to our members.

New to Storelocal?

Members and partners have been asking for central billing, and we’re happy to make the switch and highlight the benefits. If you’re new to Storelocal though, you may be wondering who we are. Storelocal is a cooperative of self-storage owners and operators coming together to increase their competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our members leverage new and existing resources to lower their operational costs and increase their profit. Learn more about Storelocal here.