Storelocal Team Oct 27, 2022 7:00:00 AM 5 min read

Storelocal® Opens the First Smart Storage Facility in Cedar Rapids, IA

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA, Sept. 2022 — Cedar Rapids residents are now served by the area’s first and only smart self storage facility. 

Locally owned by Braine Trust Storage, LLC and operating under the Storelocal Brand, this new self storage facility in Cedar Rapids uses Tenant Inc. technology and Nokē Smart Entry, cloud-based property management software and access technology. This provides safe, smart, convenient storage for the Cedar Rapids market. 

“This has been a four-and-a-half-year process and we could not be prouder of it,” said Brian Hoel, co-owner of Storelocal in Cedar Rapids. “No matter who you are, we want you to feel good about storing your belongings with us at Storelocal. Our focus is smart, spacious, simple storage."

ribbon cutting of the first smart self storage facility in cedar rapids

Providing New Technology to the Cedar Rapids Community

Consumers enjoy Tenant Inc.’s Touchless Rentals™ on, from selecting their unit to signing the lease, at their own convenience, 24 hours a day. Customers can also pay bills, update information, and manage their accounts online at any time for their self storage facility in Cedar Rapids. 

The Artificial-Intelligence-enabled AI Chatbot on enables consumers to get immediate answers to most questions, without having to search for information or wait for responses. 

Doug Neumann, Executive Director of the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance, stated, “It’s exciting to have this cutting-edge company a part of our growing community.” 


smart self storage facility in cedar rapids

Industry-leading Nokē technology enables customers to use their smartphones to enter this high-tech self storage facility in Cedar Rapids. It also replaces their “key” to their own self storage unit. According to Janus International, “Nokē Smart Entry is a Bluetooth electronic lock and total access control system that allows customers to easily access the self storage facility and their unit from their smart device.” 

With “Tesla technology included inside every unit controller and electronic locks and motion sensors INSIDE every door,” Nokē is a game changer, giving customers peace of mind while also making their lives easier.

“Another game-changing element of the Nokē Smart Entry system is digital key sharing, where tenants can go into the app on their phone and grant temporary unit access to a friend, family member, or anyone who needs to grab an item from the storage unit,” according to Janus International. “The digital key can be revoked at any time, and an activity log keeps track of exactly when the unit was accessed during the key sharing time frame.”

the StoreLocal smart self storage facility in cedar rapids

Benefits of The Storelocal Brand Program

Members can voluntarily join our Brand Program, where Storelocal provides economies of scale and online visibility so facility owners can compete with REITs. Members can maintain their independence while taking advantage of Storelocal brand recognition so they can spend more time converting leads, running their business, and finding the next deal.

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