Storelocal Team Jul 27, 2021 8:08:22 AM 2 min read

Tenant Inc. Announces the Formation of a New Technology Company to Support the Self Storage Industry

Recently formed Tenant Inc. announces the lease-to-transfer and expansion of the technology platform Tenant™, developed by industry co-op Storelocal. Tenant™, designed by independent self storage owners, operators and property management companies, provides an affordable and simple-to-use system for operating self storage facilities that integrates, automates and standardizes all marketing and operational systems from one central portal.

The venture is expected to enable self storage owners to protect their business model, increase profits and offer a choice to existing, incumbent vendor offerings.

Tenant Inc.’s primary mission is to create a technology infrastructure that is aligned to serve the self storage customer with an open, unrestricted Application Programming Interface (API), enabling self storage owners to use components of their choice and conduct all business in one place and with ease.

“For the first time in our industry, self storage has a development platform that delivers a seamless consumer experience and integrates all components of the business,” said Lance Watkins, CEO. “This takes the owner out of the mode of buying one technology after another and replaces a collection of disjointed components with an integrated system that works.”

About Tenant Inc.

Tenant Inc. is a new technology development company formed to build a flexible, modern option for self storage operators and replace incumbent legacy systems with functional solutions. This new entity aligns with fundamental principles articulated by self storage owners and customers as critical to their present and future success.