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Unique Self Storage Ideas to Use in your Next Marketing Campaign

In today’s digital world, self storage marketing has become increasingly important to the success of self storage facilities. Through social media, self storage facilities are able to reach potential customers in a more cost-effective and efficient way than ever before.

When trying to attract renters to your facility, you have to create engaging social media content. But what makes for engaging content?

social media engagement

When coming up with your self storage marketing ideas, remember that there are three types of content that people want to see on social media: educational, inspirational, and entertaining. Try some of these self storage ideas for social media posts to boost brand awareness and renter conversions for your self storage business.

Why Inspirational Posts Help Social Media Marketing

Inspirational self storage posts can help generate engagement and interest in your facility. People like to see stories of success, creativity, or self-improvement - especially if it’s from a brand they recognize and trust.

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By creating inspiring self storage posts that show storage tips with examples of ways to store items, you show potential customers how your facility can help them live a successful and organized life.

This can be beneficial for self storage renters and help them make a decision to choose your facility. Those interested in self storage units can visualize everything from what size storage unit they'll need to ways they can maximize space with their stored items.

These self storage posts should also be shared across all your social media channels, so potential customers can interact with them and share them with their followers. This will help build relationships between you and your followers, as well as increase brand loyalty.

Aspirational Storage Unit Highlights

By sharing these self storage ideas, you can help potential customers visualize the possibilities self storage can bring to their life. This will encourage them to rent space in your facility and create a positive brand image for your business. Try highlighting some of these interesting and creative storage units to show how they can benefit renters’ lives.

The Millennial Closet

Showcase how self storage can be used to create a fashionable and efficient closet area. With this type of closet, you can educate self storage customers on the best self storage practices and how to maximize their space.

The Millennial Closet

The Craft Room

Give viewers insight into the fun and creative ways self storage can be used for storing material and completed crafting projects. A climate controlled storage space will be especially useful for artists and costume builders who use temperature-sensitive materials, but don’t have the space in their own home.

yarn and craft storage

The Man Cave

Show self storage customers how self storage can be used to make their man cave dreams come true. This type of self storage post can help adolescent and adult male self storage customers see the possibilities that self storage can bring to their recreational activities by allowing them to store everything they need for their next fishing trip or guys’ night out.

man loading cart with cardboard boxes into self storage unit

The Garage

Show renters how self storage can help them reclaim the space in their garage and keep it organized. If you offer RV and boat storage, you can highlight those spaces on social media with positive reviews from your local community.

The She Shed

Show self storage customers the fun and stylish self storage ideas they can use to create their very own beautiful, organized she shed. An aesthetically pleasing self storage unit can help self storage customers visualize the possibilities and encourage them to rent space in your facility.

The Toy Room

Inspire prospective renters to make their toy collection more organized and efficient with a self storage unit. If you offer climate controlled self storage units at your facility, we recommend highlighting how everything from big boy toys to little kid sports equipment can be kept organized and easy collect when its play time.

toy storage

How to Acquire User-Generated Content

Have a renter with one of these units? Sharing stories from your renters who have found success in organizing their homes or business with self storage can also show potential customers that their aspirations are attainable thanks to your facility.

Perks of the Storelocal Brand Program

By sharing these creative self storage ideas, you will create a positive association with self storage and your business. By implementing some of these self storage marketing ideas, renters will be able to see themselves at your facility.

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You can also strengthen your brand with the Storelocal Brand Program. We enable self storage facility owners to compete with the REITs by providing Storelocal brand awareness and authority - all while maintaining their independence.